At work since three generations, The Fratelli Curreli Building  Company provides the planning, construction and maintenance of building and hydraulic works.

Working all over the Sardinia area, its team of dedicated professionals will oversee every detail of your project, in order to satisfy any kind of requirements.

Your job will be completed to your exact specifications, on time and on budget.

Our strong point

One of the strong points of the Fratelli Curreli Building Company is the construction and complete renovation of Supermarkets and Malls.

Between 2005 and 2015 more than 50.000 sq.m. have been completely renovated.

The most important clients of the company are Gruppo Conad del Tirreno, il Gruppo Superemme Spa (with more than 35 super and ipermarkets all over Cagliari area), Gruppo Dis Srl (Food Discount), Gruppo Auchan and Gallerie Auchan, Gruppo Mediamarket Spa (Media World), Korus Spa for Unicredit Banca di Roma, Zona Market Cash & Carry.

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